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Glute Bridges Exercises from Brighton Chiropractor

Glute bridges are an exercise that can strengthen your core muscle groups including glutes and low back muscles as well as stabilising your hamstrings.

The exercise can be progressed by doing on single leg as shown to isolate on gluteal group. This reproduces situations such as when you are standing on one leg when walking and running.

You should look to complete 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps daily during a rehabilitation phase post injury or 3 times per week when simplky strengthening.

For further exercises please go through to

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Postural Exercises Prone Lat Pull Downs

Postural Exercises Prone Lat Pull Downs can help develop and stabilise the muscles inside the shoulder blades and promoting a better upper back posture.

Shoulders can regulalry be hunched up and develop shoulder, upper back and neck pain or tightness. This can often develop due to stress, bad work station design or simply a lack of stability for the muscles which pull the shoulder blades downwards.

Prone Lat Pull downs can help target the low trapezius muscles, rhomboid muscles and rear deltoid muscles which can pull the shoulder blades backwards and downwards into a better posture thus preventing postural related upper back conditions.

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Low Back Exercises for the Office

Low back exercises for the office include thhe pelvic tilt which can be done in the chair as well as the knee – chest stretch which both move the pelvis  and low back joints.

These help keep the back mobile if you are subject to sitting all day in the chair at work.

Obviously the best movement is always to get up and move around and walk in the office however these gwo exercises will help when seated also

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Pokeman Back Pain Brighton

Pokeman related back pain spreading in Brighton

Pokeman related back pain spreading in Brighton –

Its not really, generally its  harmless game and gets people exercising a little. However all jokes aside I have had 2 recent complaints where patients have jarred or jolted their low backs due to walking without due care whilst playing Pokeman.

If you have had Pokeman related back pain or any other condition and would like to organise a free consultation then contact us via or 01273 933 170 and let us have Pikachu (sorry)

Otherwise have a great day

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