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Best ways to squat – Core Chiropractic advice on lifting

Best ways to squat – Core Chiropractic advice on lifting

People experience back pain when they are lifting badly without good form. This is due to improper loading of the spine and in so doing we can strain muscles and sprain joints. Poor squatting techniques and bad lifting can all of a sudden cause back pain. This is why in practice we see many people to explain that “I was only bending to pick up my bag and my back went”

However the best ways to squat help you decrease the chances of causing back pain. If we can learn how to squat and bend properly without putting our back under pressure then we decrease to chances of causing tissue damage. The more we practice best ways to squat then the quicker it becomes natural and habitual.

In the words of Marcus Gladwell the start of your 10,000hours starts here. By practicing this form consciously when lifting in the gym or simple tasks makes the movement pattern then habit. When something is habit you will still do it at a subconscious level. So when the kids are screaming and you need to pull the clothes out of the drier you will still squat properly.

Learn the patterns of moving your hips backwards during the best ways to squat and protect your back for the future.

Hip Hinging

This simple video illustrates the ease of preforming a hip hinge when lifting. There are many other techniques when lifting including the golfers lift as seen below.

Check out our advice on the golfers lift on

Keep your eyes out for future videos in our library on core stabilisation techniques and exercises to help maintain a good base for strong lifting.

Further Advice

If you are currently suffering with a problem then don’t simply try to work through it. Visit Core Chiropractic and have any injury  assessed diagnosed and a treatment plan set out for you.



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Sitting is the new SMOKING

Sitting is the new SMOKING and everybody appears to know they sit too long but don’t know what it does.


Firstly we turn off all our abdominal muscles and core stabilisers. We turn them off and decondition them so that when we need stabilisation to move and lift etc they are not what they  should be.

Secondly we hunch forward and create a forward curve in our upper back and neck. We lean our heads towards the computer  and put stress on our necks and shoulders.

One more (of many) we reduce the flexibility of our hips putting them in a bent position all day  which in turns leans to poor movement in walking and standing upright.

There are many problems  which sitting can cause beyond the physical….. and I haven’t even discussed the lack of movement to your heart. However get up and away from your desk every 20-30 minutes and move. Get some water or simply walk as this will improve the stability of you low back and neck.

Lastly check your work station for  proper set up and then get you spine checked at Core Chiropractic to assess its  health.

Have  a great day!

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