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Acupuncture or dry needling is used to relieve pain from muscles and joints and often combined with hands on therapy at Core Chiropractic Brighton. Dry needling is different from eastern acupuncture as dry  needling looks to insert needles into myofascial trigger points (knots) and  gaining a local twitch response  which in turn produces local chemicals which relieve pain.

Dry needling can be used to reduce pain for  a wide range of conditions including, muscular  low back pain, postural pain, long term arthritic joint pain and also reduce the effects of tendinitis in conditions such as tennis elbow and patella tendinitis.

Acupuncture is safe  and due to the very fine needles we use it tends to be mostly painless. Some patients who  may even have a fear of needles respond very well to acupuncture because the insertion through the skin is commonly very easy and causes minimal discomfort whilst still producing the desired therapeutic effect.

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