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The best exercises for low back and core stability – Both Sided Dead Bug

Here is the both sided or “Bilateral Dead Bug” which is one of our exercises for low back pain. The development of both sides at the same time is harder along the progression from the normal Dead Bug. It should only be attempted when the Dead Bug is pain free and easy….or becoming no challenge any more. By improving CORE strength you can prevent further low back pain and improve your performance in every day activities.

The Bilateral Dead Bug again should be done in 3 x 8-10 reps and can have dumbbells added if needed.

Oh and wait there is still a further progress to come




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The best exercises for low back and core stability – Dead Bug

The Dead Bug is one of my favourite exercises and is done to stabilise the low back and core when your arms / legs are moving. It will help you stay strong when you are doing regular activities like lifting children, playing contact sports or performing overhead activates.

Pick the level which is appropiate for you and complete 3 x 8-10 reps within your core workout

Enjoy….and wait for the harder progression


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Meal of the week

New meal of the week which is a Turkey  Burger in a mushroom bun.

  • 200g of lean turkey mince with 1 egg and salt and pepper
  • 2  grilled flat Portobello mushrooms
  • Buffalo tomatoes and fired onions
  • Spinach, sweet potato wedges and grilled peppers

This is a great healthy alternative to a normal burger that takes 20min prep  and tastes brilliant! Try it this week!





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When to change your running shoes

The quick and easy answer is well before they look like these old trainers of mine. However there are more subtle signs before you get to this stage.

  • When the millage is creeping up to between 450-550miles.
  • When the outer soles begin to degrade and shoe the white inner sole.
  • When they are beginning to wear unevenly between shoes.
  • The support from the mid-foot or the heel begins to appear far too flexible and unsupportive

however generally you need to decide if the shoe is either not offering you support or if it starts creating asymmetries in running style between side to side.

Enjoy your running and look after your feet


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The Golfers lift

How to lift properly using the Golfers Lift

How do you lift properly? This is a common question and the answer is not simply “bend your knees”.

There are many ways to lift properly when you don’t put pressure and strain on your low  back. The aim is to keep your back straight, not bend forward and to over arch when your lifting. The golfers lift, as seen here, is used in times when you are picking up a light item with one hand. EG a golf ball, a child’s shoe or your handbag.

By lifting your non-weight bearing leg behind you, you can counter balance the load that you are picking up. This then equally loads the low back as you are lifting.

As you stand up straight, activate your core by keeping your tummy tight, then bring the back leg back into neutral and regain and neutral stance.

Tiger Woods should not be the only one using the golfers lift. Your will find it an easy way to lift light objects whilst protecting your back.

Use the Golfers lift well however if you feel any pain then book in for a free consultation to see one of our Chiropractors


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Is lemon water good for you?

When life gives you  lemons……make lemon water in the morning

From a personal standpoint I find it is a fantastic way to re-hydrate first thing in the morning, it eases muscular aches post work out and also improves my cognitive function during the day.

It  and has far more health benefits beyond that as well.. take a look

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